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Webinar Announcement: Implications of COVID-19 on Human Activity-Mobility Patterns During and After the Pandemic: Initial Results from the COVIDFUTURE Longitudinal Survey Study

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of society, from transportation to education. In some ways, it may accelerate trends that were already existing, such as a shift to remote work and e-commerce. In other ways, it may create new trends, such as a possible reduction in air travel. After the threat of contagion is gone, to what extent will American society “go back” to the pre-COVID-19 way of life? Knowing the answer to this question is critical for making good business, transportation, and policy decisions. Understanding these changes is critical for long-term planning. Do we need to continue expanding transport infrastructure? How will our downtowns react to a shift to e-commerce? We are conducting a national longitudinal survey with the goal of gathering real data to better understand and predict what the future may hold.