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Translab researchers will be presenting their findings on impacts of COVID-19 on travel behavior at the BTR conference.

BTR organizers are delighted
 that you (& hopefully your teammates, students, colleagues, agency partners – anywhere in the world) will be joining us on Tuesday & Wednesday, Aug 11 & 12, for the second installment (BTR#2) of the cost-free, carbon-free, COVID-free Bridging Transportation Researchers conference.

BTR organizers have posted all Program details (including Track Zoom meeting room URLs  time-of-day comparisons, for time zones around the globe) here: (with all paper titles authors shown at the bottom of this site). Please have a look & let us know what questions you have.

BTR#2 has over 80 (!) speakers, from everywhere in the world*. Each of the 6 full-day Tracks (3 per day) comes with a companion Zoom-based meeting room for your continuing conversations with others “live”, if you wish to do that. (Most participants will be muted in the main meeting rooms, and moderators will relay most audience questions & comments directly to speakers, to avoid having to unmute people one at a time.)

Two of the 6 full-day tracks are Covid-19 focused. The other 4 full-day tracks run the gamut: from safety to demand forecasting, conventional transit to micro-transit, freight to autonomous vehicles, and land use to econometrics.

Please don’t hesitate to let co-organizers know what questions you have. And please do let your students, teammates, & agency partners know about this special event (with easy Registration here: